Friday, June 12, 2009

Hardwiring V1 and V1 Concealed Display to a BMW 3 convertible.

  • Things you need:
    V1 Hardwire Kit
    V1 Concealed Display
    BMW 3cic (E46)
    Fuse Tap (Full size, not the mini)
    2 Amp Fuse (Blade type)
    Philips Screwdriver
    Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink Wrap
    Wire Cutter 0r Utility Knife

1. Plan where your V1 will be mounted (left or right side of the rear view mirror), I mounted mine on the right side. Below is the wire routing diagram.

2. The V1 wire can then be easily tucked between the headliner and the windshield with just fingertips to push it in, i use paint can opener to push the wire in. Route it across the headliner to the right side and around the A-pillar cover. See pics below.

3. When you get to the bottom of A-pillar where it meets with the dashboard, push the wire gently into the gap between dashboard and A-pillar. See pic below.
4. Leave the cable there for a moment, now you need to remove the glove compartment for easy wire routing into the fuse box. You need to remove 6 screws (indicated by arrow: pics below).

This is what it looks like when clove compartment is removed.

5. Getting back to V1 wire, gently press against the side of dashboard to create a gap big enough for the wire to be fished thru into the fuse box. See pic below.

6.Once you are in the glove compartment , placing the Fuse Tap and the V1 Hardwire adapter is very straight forward. Crimp the Fuse Tap red wire to the red wire of the V1 Hardwire Adapter. See pics below.

7. I dicided to use an empty slot in the fuse box, which is labeled for garage opener (Fuse # 26). This circuit is switched, it’s on with key ignition to on(start) position, otherwise it’s off. See pics below.

BMW Fuse Card.

8. I mounted the V1 Power Block behind the fuse box, there are empty plastic compartments behind it. Noticed the fuse box locked in place, it can be opened by turning the two white platic knobs circled green in the picture below.

9. Now for the ground, I use the metal frame that holds the glove compartment (see pic below), i drilled it on the side as not to interfer with the glove compartment placement.

With the ground wire connected (Black wire from V1 Power Block)

Fuse Tap in place.

10. Hardwiring your V1 is now done! Now for the second part, wiring V1 concealed display. You need to remove the Sunglass Holder, just grab the top inside part of the s. holder and pull it out. See pics below.

11. Fish the Concealed Display wire from the center console to the fuse box. (I use an extra piece of coax wire for fishing the V1 cable). See pics below.

12. To route the V1 cable into the instrument cluster area, you need to remove the steering column cover. It is held in place by 3 philips head screws, 2 plastic retainers, and 2 hidden clips. See pic below.

13. With the steering column cover removed, fish the V1 cable from center console going to the steering column area. See pic below.

14. Run the V1 cable under the steering column and into the instrument cluster area.

That’s it!

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