Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Converting Bernzomatic Quickfire Torch to Accept MAP-Pro Threaded Fuel Cylinder

Now that Bernzomatic Quickfire Torch has been discontinued, finding a Quickfire compatible MAP fuel cylinder is getting harder, even if you find one they are outrageously expensive.

Before throwing the Quickfire torch away, you may want to convert it to accept a regular threaded MAP cylinder. Here is how I did mine.

First buy an inexpensive "Universal Torch Extension Hose", about $21 at Amazon. I got mine at local Homedepot for $15. Then modify the threaded male-end connector to accept the Quickfire quick-connect fitting. A bench grinder could come handy for this DIY. It is a one shot modification of the extension connector head, so be patient and work slowly. It does need near precision grinding and filing for exact and proper fitment.

Please do this DIY at your OWN RISK, I'm not responsible to "ANYTHING" that might happen from following this DIY project.
Berrnzomatic Quickfire with their proprietary quick-connect MAP fuel cylinder head.

Male-end connector unthreaded from the hose extension.
The two pieces comes apart after removing the retaining c-clip.
Modifying the male-end connector.
Triple checking for gas leak using gas leak detector spray or you can use a soapy water instead.
Finished project. Take that Bernzomatic!


  1. Or just refill the cylinders with ease using propane.

    1. Can they be re-filled at your local camping store

    2. Can they be re-filled at your local gas supplier?

  2. Or just refill the cylinders with ease using propane.

    1. Where do you get yours re-filled?

  3. There are applications that requires MAPP gas, it burns hotter than propane. I use it to polish acylic plastic edges and propane won't cut it. I also prefer MAPP gas for plumbing works.